Babylon 5: The Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski, Vol. 15

RPG Reference Home. What’s New Questions? Sell us your stuff! The folks in WB Licensing were sitting around trying to come up with ideas for B5-related products to license, as B5 was taking off in the ratings and becoming somewhat of a hot property. They’d recently licensed a cookbook based on “Friends,” so someone jokingly added a B5 cookbook to their list of ideas. To their shock and horror, someone actually showed an interest, a U. I’d written for other B5 licensees, and had a good working relationship with B5 creator Joe Straczynski, so the Licensing folk gave me a call to ask if I could write it. WB hired a “food consultant” who designs recipes for food chains. She knew cooking, but didn’t know squat about B5.

QA: ‘Babylon 5’ star Claudia Christian lived with Dodi Fayed, slept with Clooney, shut down Shatner

Claudia Christian: Dodi and I met when I was He was so charming and I was intrigued. He was very romantic, he immediately sent me flowers and pursued me.

for her role as Susan Ivanova on the Science Fiction Series Babylon 5 (). Gregory and Jeff Corey, who have films dating as far back as the ‘s.

In order to be a great story overall, it must have strong characters. In both cases, it marks the end of their initial characterization, and the beginning of different paths for the two men. Londo, for the first time, seems to question his path to power. None of us do. Yet Londo still has some decency. They want to delay the trial of the Narn who has confessed to the murder, but Londo encourages them to deport the murderer and remove the need for a trial altogether.

I find it ironic and indicative of the increasing darkness of the show that the best outcome here is one that avoids the liberal ideal of the fair trial, in exchange for a personal decree. For this, Garibaldi rewards him with a simple act of friendship. On the other hand, he began the series as the villain, and neither the show nor the other characters have quite forgotten this.


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Since the siege of Babylon had begun over a year earlier, on dating to , the year before the rebel- Babylon, 5-X-year 19 of Samag-Suma-ukin ().

Born to the Purple is an episode from the first season of Babylon 5 , which is collectively entitled Signs and Portents. Londo’s career is in jeopardy when a beautiful slave seduces him and steals a sensitive computer file. Garibaldi investigates an unauthorized use of a restricted communications channel. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Ambassador G’Kar track down Londo Mollari in a strip club , chagrined that he has been avoiding them and putting off negotiations of the Euphrates Treaty.

An annoyed G’Kar shows her to her quarters, while Londo gets lost in watching the latest dancer on stage, a beautiful young Centauri female. Later, when he goes to his quarters, she is waiting for him in his bed. Chief Garibaldi learns of an unauthorized use of Gold Channel the previous night. He alerts Sinclair and tells him he will look into it. Sinclair speaks with her outside the room a moment, explaining that the Earth Alliance is very interested in a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

Londo, meanwhile, is enjoying a late morning in bed with the dancer, whose name is Adira Tyree.

Babylon 5 – wireframe

The Babylon Project was their last pathetic, feeble attempt at power Parodies of rastb5 threads, Sept ’94 Lotsa in-jokes. You probably had to be there. Commentary by Mr. Angus, UT’s syndicated sociopsychopolitical hairstyle analyst, available from InterWeb node 3. Jokes and puns on vorlons How do you approach a Vorlon?

WEIRD SCIENCE OF THE WEEK: As others have already noted, the use of carbon-dating for million-year old artifacts is not likely to work.

Official Website. Claudia Christian Bio. Claudia Christian does it all, she’s an actor, a writer, a musician, a singer, a director and she continues to expand her horizons. She went on from there to star in over 40 feature films. In addition to her film credits, Christian’s work in television is also extensive and includes the lead role as “Commander Susan Ivanova” in the Warner Bros. She also writes music and is a singer. They divorced in after only 3 years and he later remarried. From then on she blinked each time she had to shoot a prop gun.

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The Babylon Project:Canon

Babylon was a major city of ancient Mesopotamia. The city was built upon the Euphrates river and divided in equal parts along its left and right banks, with steep embankments to contain the river’s seasonal floods. Babylon was originally a small Semitic Akkadian city dating from the period of the Akkadian Empire c. Claiming to be the successor of the more ancient Sumero-Akkadian city of Eridu, Babylon eclipsed Nippur as the “holy city” of Mesopotamia around the time Amorite king Hammurabi created the first short lived Babylonian Empire in the 18th century BC.

Babylon grew and South Mesopotamia came to be known as Babylonia. The empire quickly dissolved after Hammurabi’s death and Babylon spent long periods under Assyrian , Kassite and Elamite domination.

An incomplete CG model of Babylon 5, dating from about early – before the telemovie ‘The Lost Tales’. The details were slightly reimagined.

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Babylon 5 Asked & Answered Overview

The first 3 stations were destroyed by sabotage, and Babylon 4 disappeared mysteriously, but the humans persevered and completed Babylon 5 as a “home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers”. The year is Ambassador Delenn looks much more alien in her original Mr. Punch make-up than in later episodes.

Babylon 5 is an American space opera television series created by writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski, under the Babylonian Productions label.

By David Wharton 7 years ago. Babylon 5 was back in the news earlier this year after a reference made in Breaking Bad spurred B5 creator J. Michael Straczynski to take to the interwebs and ask fans to rally and try to get the beloved show back on the air somewhere — anywhere. The ensuing fan push did meet with success, with UKTV acquiring the rights to all five seasons of the show for their Watch channel. Possibly even our last, best hope. Babylon 5 was a victim of bad luck and bad timing.

B5 was an early adopter for the widescreen format, with all of its live-action sequences shot on Super 35mm film stock, which meant that the show could air in the normal aspect ratio during its initial airings, but would have a leg up when widescreen TVs began to become popular. Unfortunately, the CGI sequences were created in in order to save money.

That would be a massive project, but not necessarily a totally unfeasible one. During a recent episode , Feltenstein responded to one of those questions regarding a B5 restoration project like so:.

Babylon 5 characters

Skip to main content Skip to internal navigation. Download Terms of Use. This study has its genesis in a detailed examination of the pottery of Babylonia and adjacent regions in the second millennium BC.

r/babylon5: A sub for Babylon 5, the epic s sci-fi space opera about a diplomatic space station.

Babylon 5′ s use of the Internet began in with the creator of the series, J. Michael Straczynski , who participated in a number of Internet venues to discuss elements of his work with his fans, including the rec. This interaction pre-dated the coining of the term ” blog “, but is functionally similar. Babylon 5 was one of the first shows to employ Internet marketing to create publicity among online readers far in advance of the airing of the pilot episode.

Straczynski participated in online communities on Usenet in the rec. Straczynski had long participated in many online forums since the s, and is widely credited as being the first notable artist and celebrity to interact with fans online, even before the advent of the world wide web. This free interaction with his fans was not without its problems.

A third-season episode ” Passing Through Gethsemane ” was originally developed a year earlier in but had to be “scuttled” [6] because a fan posted a story idea on GEnie that matched the plot of the episode. The story was not put back into the production pipeline until Straczynski could obtain a signed legal release from the fan.

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A page for describing Headscratchers: Babylon 5. many pre-dating The Lord of the Rings (Both British and American forces had Rangers, sort of proto-Special.

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