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Order by:. Available to:. Is your camping stove louder than a jet engine? The QuietStove T here are no welds. Seams, or brazes.

Optimus 8R dating

The present invention is a stove pad that provides a stable base for a portable stove such as those used by mountaineers, campers, and backpackers. The popularity of mountaineering and backpacking has grown almost exponentially over the past three decades. Hiker traffic in the back country has become so heavy that in some national parks and wilderness areas access is limited to a given number of hikers in order to prevent wear on fragile meadows and camping areas.

In many locations the readily available firewood has long ago been used up and management authorities now require overnight hikers to carry stoves and fuel for cooking. Such stoves have always been needed by mountaineers and other who might be camping above timberline or on snow.

The invention is a very lightweight pad or base for use with a small portable stove such as those used by backpackers or mountaineers. It provides a stable.

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Primus stove

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I never owned the Optimus stove but I used to go backpacking with a similar stove that I can’t recall the make of now but it was round and a bit.

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Original Vintage Primus No 96 Paraffin Camping Stove Cooker Date Code Z2 1935

I’m taking an Optimus gasoline cooker on my trip to Indonesia from Frankfurt, with Singapore Airlines. The cooker comes with a multitool, which resembles a fictional non-lethal weapon from “The men who were staring at goats”, see for yourself:. Is such thing allowed onboard, and where does one ask such things beforehand to avoid last-minute surprises?

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This extremely robust, reliable, and powerful stove is designed to handle demanding situations, extreme altitudes, both low and high temperatures, and can be easily carried to any destination. The OmniFuel delivers W and can boil a liter of water in just over three minutes, while the oversized control knob offers precise flame control, from a fine simmer to quickly melting endless amounts of snow to hydrate an expedition.

The OmniFuel is the perfect stove for people who want to travel light. Primus OmniFuel. Add to basket. Put on wishlist. Create new wishlist. Download instructions. The companion proven over years. Technical details. Ask a product question Do you have any questions about this specific product?

Katadyn acquires Optimus of Sweden

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In outdoor gear the meaning of “good design” depends heavily on the needs of the user. However, when a tool has been field tested around the world for over 60 years without needing an overhaul, the quality of its design feels a hell of a lot more objective. The Svea is widely regarded as the world’s first “ultralight” camp stove, coming in at just 1.

Materials have gotten lighter and fancier since , but the genius simplicity of the burner design and stable all-brass construction make this golden can a modern contender among even serious climbers and long distance hikers. It can boil a liter of water in under 7 minutes, simmer subtly when you need it to, run close to an hour on high, weather altitude and unpredictable conditions reliably, and take a hell of a beating.

That ruggedness is a key reason it has maintained popularity—a lucky garage sale goer can still score a used Svea R from the ’60s in perfect working order.

Optimus Nova Stove

Yet another stove I bought. I have used all sorts of stoves, from Primus and Optimus Multi Fuel when I started a 5 year worldwide bicycle trip to an Optimus Svea I tried a gas stove, a self-made hobo stove, an alcohol stove and plain wood fires. Sleep is one of the most important things to enjoy life. The Svea was designed in and the technology is simple.

Last Date & Time of issue of tender documents from: 2. have an etched zinc base stove painted followed by synthetic stoved enamel, Supply and Installation of LED fitting &lamp of Philips make Optimus Led.

Discussion in ‘ Stove Forum ‘ started by Wim , Feb 11, Log in or Sign up. Classic Camp Stoves. Hi all, I know it is not easy to date Optimus stoves. Other than catalogs there seem to be no other references to go by. Or did Optimus still use “Stockholm” in the stamping at the bottom of the fount after the move?

In general, are there any “important” changes to date their stoves?

Portable stove

This is an article that was originally produced for the Blowlamp Society publication, Blowlamp News. In the light of further research, it has been revised, adapted and extended for website publication. It is written from the perspective of the blowlamp, but has relevance to pressure stoves or pressure lamps. Those with Primus blowlamps or indeed pressure stoves or pressure lamps amongst their collections, or with particular knowledge, will no doubt be able to point to various errors and omissions.

With chiefly brass components, the Sveas polish up beautifully! Date, 29 July , Source, Own work. Author.

The 8R has been discontinued. If you’re looking for something new, check out the best liquid fuel stoves for I currently own a number of vintage Optimus and Primus stoves. I have been around them and used them since the early ’70s, camping with my family. I bought my first 8R in when I started backpacking on my own. Still have that little stove and it still works great. In all that time I have done simple maintenance on it and it has never let me down.

Optimus 510 Four Burner Stove/Furnace